The Ten Commandments of Madame Butterface BBS
(1) Do not post child pornography. This includes "jailbait" pictures, i.e., photos of provocatively dressed minors.
(2) Do not post another BBS member's personally identifying information, i.e., their real name, home address, phone number, names of their family members or employer, their hometown, or any account number associated with a BBS member.

(3) Do not make threats of bodily harm or death to anyone, regardless of whether they're a BBS member.

(4) Do not incite or conspire with other BBS members to commit violent or criminal acts.

(5) Do not spam the BBS by repeatedly posting the same thread or posting the same reply to multiple threads. In general, try to keep your OCD in check.

(6) Do not post the entire content of any copyrighted article or other work. You may post short excerpts of said materials that you specifically wish to comment on or that support your own statements. You may also post videos and sound clips from any site that allows embedding.

(7) Do not quote an entire long post if you only want to respond to specific points made in it. Use the "View Source" button on the toolbar to edit quotes.

(8) Flaming, trolling, harassing, stalking, and shitposting about other BBS members may be done only in the Flame Pit. All of the above rules apply to the Flame Pit as well as all other forums.

(9) Do not complain to the moderators if you're offended by something posted in the Flame Pit. Be an adult and ignore it.

(10) Do not hound the moderators to add new features or new emoticons to the BBS. We've deliberately kept it sparse to encourage literate conversation.
Quotus quisque reliquus qui rem publicam vidisset? - Tacitus

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